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Ladies, you know how you have it together in your career. You're moving ahead. You're on target for your income. And then you go home to your empty condo. 


We all have our strengths. You have your career together and your personal life is virtually nonexistent. I'm your complement. I have relationships handled --- getting them, keeping them. We should talk. Maybe even a series of talks -- in person or zoom.Weekly sessions for ? months. What's right for you?

The one thing better than the successful life you have is a successful life you share with the love of your life.

New Client Rates:

These can include  Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Work-related Relationship.

60 Minute Full Session 

$295.00 (For a full in-depth session, recommended)

30 Minute Session 

$150.00 (Shorter, less in-depth, or just a few questions)

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Let's Make A Change

In Person

Hollywood Hills, CA 90068


Zoom - Personal Meeting ID (PMI) 814-550-3572

Text or Call 

Tel: 323-385-3285

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