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About Merle M. Singer

Merle M. Singer Bio


Merle is the author of 2 books. Her recently released book is called CRACKING THE RELATIONSHIP CODE, The Key to Happy Relationships at Home and Work. Find it on Amazon.

Married for over 50 years, Merle has developed a wisdom that cuts straight to the core of any relationship problem. As an Intuitive Love Coach, she offers single session relationship x-ray and diagnosis.

She is currently offering a Single, Successful, and Seeking Workshop for women now ready to search for love.


THE Relationship Miracle Worker started by helping people who are unhappy and blame their partner to transform their relationship and bring more happiness into their lives using her 3-Step "Transform Your Relationship Experience" (TM) System without their partner participating or even knowing.


Her students have found the same techniques are effective in the workplace, where she has become The BUSINESS Relationship Miracle Worker, with workshops titled, Navigating Relationship Stress in the Workplace (When Going Bonkers is not an Option.) Her presentation, this evening, will give you some ideas for a smoother, happier workplace that you will be able to use with your spouse.

As a double degreed educator, Merle has a unique ability to turn her relationship experience, wisdom and insight into highly informative, inspiring and motivating presentations. She offers real-world and virtual (online and via teleconference) presentations, classes, courses, workshops, seminars, speeches, keynotes and coaching.

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