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Testimonial 1

Merle and Patti,

A week after we graduated from your class I received a message from a man on Ok Cupid , I have had a profile there for a couple of years and I have one photo that I’m holding a kite from far away and  I do not share photos , I’m always hesitant about meeting someone new and it’s been many times that people wrote to me and I wrote back but we never met.

As I was reading the message from the gentleman that wrote to me, checked his profile which was in high compatibility score to mine , I also noticed that I was having dinner with a girlfriend exactly at the location that he was at so Spontaneously and unlike me I invited him to join us , needless to say that he loved how open and forward I was ( which I’m not) we didn’t meet that night but we met that same week , he never asked for photos , he invited me to dinner at a fancy sushi place, unlike most people that ask for a meeting at Starbucks.

We looked at each other and we both said that we look somewhat familiar but couldn’t remember from where , on our next date he knew exactly where he met me , it was a year and half before that we were sharing the same table and sitting next to each other at a dinner concert , we both had a few mutual friends with us , we didn’t talk much to each other but I remember that my friend liked him so I was respectful to that .

He never dated my friend and I never saw him again until our blind date -

Call it twist of faith , Magic  ...

I don’t know but I do know that I had more confidence to go out and trust that the universe will direct me as You and Patti have teached us and shared your knowledge and personal experiences , you gave us hope and confidence to believe in us and to know that nothing is perfect but we are a shining light beam and to recognize that shine within us .

I enjoyed your classes for it’s simplicity and somewhat silliness although it wasn’t silly at all , everything you both teach is a soul experience, that in its simplicity goes directly to our core and vibrates to the Universe .

 Thank you again , I cherish meeting both of you and I’m excited to make my dreams come true.

Truly yours , iris.

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